Foça is 70 km. away from north - east of İzmir. Foça was an ancient Ionian Greek city called Phocaea. It was also mentioned in Homeros epic. Many parts of the Foça are under environmental protection for the value of the flora, fauna, small bays and coves.
Foça - The ancient Theater
Foça - Shopping center for fish
Foça - The City Walls of Foça and The Five Doors Castle
Foça - The Five Doors Castle
Foça - A stone house in the street
Foça - The town symbol is Mediterranean Monk Seal
Foça - Port for fishermen. You can see fish restaurants on the streets.
Foça - Fatih Mosque
Foça - Fatih Mosque
Foça - A house in Foça
Foça - Kayalar Mosque
Foça - Shore
Foça - Port for fishermen
Foça - Port for fishermen
Foça - Sunset
Foça - Windmill
Foça - Wonderful boat tour
Foça - People cycling and walking

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