Edirne is a city in Thrace of Turkey. Edirne has borders with Greece and Bulgaria. The city had been the second capital(After Bursa) of Ottoman Empire from 1365 till 1453(Then İstanbul). Because it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for many years, there are many historical and valuable architectural structures in the city. The Selimiye Mosque, built by Sultan Selim II in 1575 and designed by Ottoman master architect Mimar Sinan, has the highest minarets in Turkey.
Edirne - Historical Police Station
Edirne - Saraçhane Bridge
Edirne - Tunca River
Edirne - A beautiful house from Edirne
Edirne - II. Beyazıt Mosque
Edirne - Meriç Bridge
Edirne - Selimiye Mosque
Edirne - Selimiye and Muradiye Mosque
Edirne - Tunca River
Edirne - Sunset in Meriç River
Edirne - Enez beach
Edirne - Justice Tower, a part of old Edirne Palace.
Edirne - Justice Tower, a part of old Edirne Palace.
Edirne - Statue of Wrestler Adalı Halil
Edirne - Statue of Wrestler Ahmet Taşçı
Edirne - Ali Paşa Bazaar
Edirne - Town Hall is an old Edirne house
Edirne - II.Beyazıt Kulliyesi
Edirne - II.Beyazıt Kulliyesi at restoration period (2006)
Edirne - Eski Mosque

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