Macahel is a historical geographical area and long valley along the river Machakhlistskal between Turkey and Georgia. Also known as Machakheli. There are 18 villages in Macahel valley. 6 village is belong to Turkey and 12 village belong to Georgia. Turkish villages are Camili, Düzenli, Efeler, Kayalar, Maral and Uğur. Macahel is in Borçka district of Artvin Province and surrounded by Karcal Mountains. Because of heavy snowfalls the roads are usally closed for 6 months. The area is famous for its intensive practices of beekeeping and the high quality of honey it produces by Caucasian bee (Kafkas Arısı). Camili was the first area in Turkey that was included in UNESCO’s ‘Human and Biosphere Reserve Project’.
Macahel has a unique flora.
A wooden house in Macahel.

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