Gökçeada, also known as Imbros is the largest island of Turkey. It is the island of Poseidon(The God of sea) in Homerus's Iliada. It has 279 square km area. There are churches, mosques, monasteries, old Greek houses and modem examples of architecture where the different cultures come together. The island is noted for the vineyards and wine produced.
Gökçeada - Aydıncık Beach
Gökçeada - Aydıncık Beach
Gökçeada - Aydıncık Beach, Wind is very good for surf
Gökçeada - Coast
Gökçeada - Dereköy, Church
Gökçeada - Dereköy, It was the largest village of Turkey once a while with 1950 houses. Most of them have been left.
Gökçeada - Dereköy, Public laundry
Gökçeada - İnce Burun(Ince Cape - Avlaka Burnu). On the right side you can see the furthest west point of Turkey.
Gökçeada - Kaleköy, Castle
Gökçeada - Kaleköy, A small church
Gökçeada - Kaleköy
Gökçeada - Kaleköy, Lighthouse
Gökçeada - Kaleköy, port for fishermen
Gökçeada - Sunset
Gökçeada - Tepeköy, Church
Gökçeada - Tepeköy, Village Center
Gökçeada - Tepeköy, A street
Gökçeada - Tepeköy
Gökçeada - Tepeköy