Ayvalık is a beautiful Mediterranean resort on the Aegean coast. It is popular with its olive trees and the olive oil produced in the region which is known to be the best in the country, seafood restaurants by the sea, nice beaches and lots of small islands. There are many Greek houses, narrow streets, old churches and small chapels around the city that's worth seeing . Most popular places are Çamlık, with nice parks and evergreen trees; Alibey Island (Cunda), famous with its fish restaurants; Şeytan Sofrası (The Devil's Table), a nice hill with a great panaroma; Sarımsaklı that is famous for its beaches. Underwater is also very rich for scuba divers. Getting to Ayvalık is easy from anywhere in Turkey, and there are daily ferries from Lesbos(Mytileni), the Greek island.
Ayisigi Manastiri - Monastery of Moonlight
Lale Island
Dawn at Ayvalık
A Beautiful sun game at Ayvalık :)
Ayvalık houses
A stone houses in Ayvalık
Cunda - Ortunc
Cunda Island
Cunda Village
Sunset in Ayvalık
Seytan Sofrasi - The Table of the Devil
The Table of Devil
The Table of Devil